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JPD Capital is a world-class organic medicine investment specialist, and we invite you to find out more by submitting your details.

High Growth Market

With the legalisation of organic medicines increasing globally, there is a growing list of products entering the market. This global demand makes the industry highly lucrative.

Acquired License In Africa

We have successfully acquired licenses for the cultivation of cannabis, manufacture of products, supply, store, import and export for medicinal purposes and or scientific use.

New World Medicine

Research is increasingly focusing on the benefits of organic medicines, which is being used to successfully treat or manage symptoms of a growing number of medical conditions.

Sadly this investment opportunity is not open to retail investors you must qualify as either a High Net Worth Individual or a Sophisticated investor

High Net Worth Individual: An individual with an annual income to the value of £100,000 or more and/ or net assets to the value of £250,000 or more (cannot include your home residence), throughout the financial year immediately preceding today’s date

Sophisticated Investor: You have made more than one investment in an unlisted company in the two years prior to the date below and/ or currently, or have been in the two years prior to the date below, a director of a company with an annual turnover of at least £1 million

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