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At JPD Capital, we specialise in investing in organic medicine. Based in the heart of London, our expert team are skilled investment professionals at the forefront of the fast-growing and exciting medicinal space.

Understanding Your Needs

JPD Capital’s experienced wealth managers excel at offering objective advice and solutions for everything from retirement planning to wealth preservation. Working seamlessly with private bankers and specialist teams, they are committed to delivering the right advice to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Investment Services

At JPD Capital, high-touch investment expertise is the lifeblood of our investment management style. What’s more, our risk-based approach to portfolio construction is specially designed to give you access to a range of carefully constructed investment solutions that are fully aligned with your personal financial objectives.

Our Values

The success of JPD Capital is underpinned by our unshakeable commitment to our core values – integrity, trust and passion – which run through everything we do.


Our deep experience in the financial industry helps us build strong, successful and enduring relationships with our partners and with our investors.


We understand that our investors put their trust in us when it comes to achieving maximum return on their investment.


We’re passionate about making our mark as an organic medicine company and helping to provide an alternative and natural cure for life-threatening illnesses that affect people around the world.

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