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We have an exciting announcement regarding our Eco Equity Zimbabwe Project.

After launching Eco Equity’s Zimbabwe project just over a year ago, and as a result of the hard work and dedication shown by both the JPD Capital senior management and Eco Equity investor relations teams; Eco Equity have officially reached the targeted first round capital raise! This has been achieved via a combination of sophisticated and institutional Investors, and now puts Eco Equity in the best position to fulfil their mission objectives in their medicinal cannabis cultivation project. 

The value of the company by Baker Tilly is now at US$ 210,394,595. And this means that existing investors who made a savvy investment in the early stages of the company’s life are now reaping the benefits and are perfectly positioned for a promising future as part of the Eco Equity investment family.

If you want to hear more about this exciting high growth opportunity, please visit: Investors and speak to one of the highly experienced Investor Relations team.

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