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Which type of investor do you want to be in 2021?
This year has brought many challenges and has had an impact on finance, lifestyle and wellbeing as well as the economy. That isn’t to say you should lose sight of your financial goals, specifically the type of investor you want to become in the new year.

In this article we are going to describe the three types of investor, what type of investor you are right now, and how to become an active investor.

Which Investor Are You?


A pre-investor is simply someone who isn’t investing. Pre-investors are characterized by minimal financial activity or assets. There are correspondingly little savings or investment to show for that lifetime commitment to a 9-5 job lifestyle, the ethic is consumption (consumerism) rather than saving or investment (wealth management). Some pre-investors have a company retirement plan, that was set up by the personnel department.

Passive investor

As we mature and gain responsibility, most people graduate from pre- investor status and enter the investment world through the window of passive investing. It’s the most common starting point on the road to financial security. Most financial institutions, educational services, and web sites support passive investing as a proven, accepted solution. Most of what you can learn from the information available on the internet is the conventional wisdom of passive investment strategies. Passive investing is where the retail world of investing lives (retail investors).

Active investor

Active investors build on the foundation of the passive investor. They take the process to the next level by running their wealth like a business. The primary difference between active and passive investors is that the active investor not only receives market-based passive returns, but he also gains a value-added return stream based on skill; two sources of return in one investment. This allows the active investor to make money regardless of market conditions or direction and to reduce losses during periods of adversity. This holds the potential to increase returns and lower risk.
The 3 investment archetypes
If you’re reading this you’re more than likely aspiring for an improved lifestyle and long-term financial security or wish to be able to provide material support for children and family, weddings, university, first homes etc.
As we head into a new year it’s always a great opportunity to make substantial changes and set new goals, to reach your financial goals.
Do you have a 5 year or personal development plan?
If you haven’t already it’s important to start planning ahead. Try to document your lifestyle, family, financial goals and develop an investment portfolio that will make these goals and milestones a reality. Treat that investment portfolio as a business and make a commitment to developing it.

Before getting into the detail of the how, start executing the what. Visualising your goals is a proven exercise to help you achieve them and you can do this by creating a vision board.

Compelling opportunities

As an individual interested in investment opportunities you may be aware of the potential in alternative investments. Institutions have made large investments in the medicinal cannabis industry, including CanopyBoulder, The ArcView Group, and Poseidon Asset Management [1] Do you want to join them? The medicinal cannabis industry is expected to reach USD 73.6 billion by 2027, according to a new report published by Grand View Research, Inc. It is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 18.1% during the forecast period. [2]

If you’re a pre-investor and looking to branch out in the new year and begin your journey, making investments is the pathway to success. For the average millionaire, seven sources of income may be the magic number. Set yourself a goal to have at least more than one by 2022.

Active investors are always one step ahead of inflation
Although currently inflation rates are modest at 0.3% [3] they are set to increase as the economy begins to recover and investing is a great way of beating inflation. What many active investors know is the promising future of pre-IPO opportunities, because you purchase a share at a discounted rate before its debut on the stock market where it typically increases.

JPD Capital is a medicinal cannabis private equity fund-vehicle, to learn more about our hand-picked pre-IPO opportunities, please visit here.

A successful 2021
Although 2021 may come with its challenges, this year has prepared you for the worst. Focus on becoming an active investor and the financial freedom it could bring for you and your family and make your goals a reality.
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