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Private Equity investments: The what, the how and Funds explained
Private equity investments are unfamiliar and avoided by some investors particularly if they are used to investing in traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds or real-estate.
In this article we are going to demystify private equity investments and how investing into a fund-vehicle can help you spread risk through diversification by providing access to a variety of opportunities, dependant on the fund-vehicle’s main purpose or industry focus.
What Is Private Equity?
Private equity is an alternative investment class and consists of capital that is not listed on a public exchange. Private equity is composed of funds and investors that directly invest in private companies, or that engage in buyouts of public companies, resulting in the delisting of public equity. [1]
Traditional assets may feel familiar and comfortable for some investors with their portfolio of stocks, real-estate and bonds but are unaware of the impact they have experienced due to the pandemic and economic downturn especially compared with resilient medicinal cannabis assets.

When considering stock markets, the S&P 500 dropped 12% to 2,386.13 (15/3/20) — hitting its lowest level since December 2018 — while the Nasdaq Composite closed 12.3% lower at 6,904.59 in its worst day ever. [2] The FTSE 100 has also been through a turbulent time and suffered its worst daily drop since late March. [3] (11/6/20) According to City AM. In contrast, Canopy Growth (NASDAQ:CGC), the only large-cap pure-play pot stock, has gained 38% since the year began (2020), and has more than doubled since the beginning of October. (1/12/20)

How fund-vehicles can help you make wise financial decisions

A fund-vehicle such as JPD Capital, includes multiple portfolio entities in the case of a PCC corporate structure, where these are considered as ‘cells’ for consideration by any Sophisticated or High Net worth Investor, ranging across the medicinal cannabis sector. This is known as vertical integration, offering investment opportunity and focus on all elements of the seed-to-sale value and supply chain.

Eco Equity is a fully subscribed entity operating from Zimbabwe. Supplying extracts and produce such as medicinal GMP-THC Flower, GMP-Oil to the pharmaceutical industry as an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) to meet the increasing global demand for a high specification medicinal cannabis product and transform lives.

As the first European medicinal cannabis producer within the portfolio, Ibero Botanica’s goal is to be the largest Spanish producer of effective European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) certified medicinal CBD hemp to the global markets. A fast scaling entity in the portfolio that will be fully operational in six months after construction begins. Ibero Botanica will transition towards EU GMP THC flower production approximately 18-24 months into its operational timeline.

Tetra Global is a global leader in cannabis genetics. The company cultivates, develops and supplies advanced cannabis strains from scientific-led R&D facilities. Clients include agricultural cultivators, scientists and pharmaceutical companies wishing to expand their genetic portfolio. Operating from a highly regulated environment in the “cannabis genetics capital of Europe”: Austria.

Eresos is a CBD and botanical e-commerce entity within the portfolio and is soon launching a premium range of beauty, cosmetic and wellness products based on a Greek Heritage and theme. Eresos offers customers the opportunity to personalise their CBD-infused products, especially for those keen to improve their overall health and wellbeing, by using natural ingredients (botanicals and nutraceuticals) and proprietary formulations.

Coming Soon

So why choose alternative investments over investments that are established?

Alternative investments at pre-IPO stage, are often offered as discounted shares, at a much lower price which is likely to increase after listing and because the entity will have a higher valuation the closer it gets to being fully operational. The IPO will also increase the value of the share price further based on public demand and perceived value.
By investing into a fund-vehicle that has a selection of handpicked start-up opportunities that are distributed geographically, by industry focus and position in the value chain you are spreading risk, diversifying your portfolio and maximising your returns.
Investments require the correct amount of time spent in familiarising yourself with the industry in question, and in new markets such as medicinal cannabis it can be daunting at first.

A best practice fund-vehicle typically has an expert advisory board ready to advise and help the fund to make evidence-based decisions and demonstrates that the fund is strategic and has scientific, healthcare and government policy expertise, which informs its acquisition and growth agenda. JPD Capital have partnered with CDPRG to achieve this level of corporate guided support as a fund- vehicle operating in the medicinal cannabis industry.

Within the JPD Capital portfolio, examples of diversification are Tetra Global, a genetic cannabis company that cultivates and supplies advanced cannabis strains from scientific-led R&D facilities. To the premium CBD e-commerce brand Eresos producing cosmetic and wellbeing products that’s focused on the development of CBD, botanical and nutraceutical formulations for consumer e-commerce sales.

When choosing whether private equity is for you, it is also dependent on which type of investor you are. You can find out where you are positioned and what to strive for here: Which Investor Do You Want to be in 2021 [5]

Why should you invest in the first place?
Think about your life goals: If you haven’t already it’s important to start planning ahead. Try to document your lifestyle, family, financial goals and develop an investment portfolio that will make these goals and milestones a reality. Treat that investment portfolio as a business and make a commitment to developing it. Private equity investments can be included in a personal or client portfolio that will help you achieve your lifestyle goals.
If you’re a high net-worth or sophisticated investor seeking an opportunity in the medicinal cannabis sector you can speak with a dedicated consultant at JPD Capital by submitting your details here.
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