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Our Company Structure

The Protected Cell Company (PCC) Structure

A protected cell company (PCC) is a corporate structure in which a single legal entity is comprised of a core and several cells that have separate assets and liabilities. A PCC has a similar design to a hub and spoke, with the central core organisation linked to individual cells.

The goal is to cultivate and export high-grade, GMP certified, medicinal cannabis to global wholesale and pharmaceutical markets – becoming Africa’s largest distributor of medicinal cannabis. We are now nearing completion of our state-of-the-art cultivation facility, known as “The Campus”, which will be fully operational by Q1 2021.

Social Responsibility

Plans For Eco, Building Schools, Gifting Children, And Providing Jobs

Eco Equity realise the importance of health and the impact plants from the cannabis family can have on a healthy lifestyle. We are cultivating mass amounts in our arable land in Zimbabwe to distribute at wholesale into the EU. On recent visits to the continent the team have gifted underprivileged children and will provide over 80 jobs to local citizens.