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Investing Your Time Wisely During Isolation
Before the coronavirus pandemic suddenly thrust us all into self-isolation, were you a busy, verging on workaholic? Used to the phone ringing off the hook, jumping from meeting to meeting, that in demand and darn right busy person?

Well, now you’ve cleared out the garage, mowed the lawn, re-arranged the cupboard multiple times and had some well-earned downtime, you’re probably looking for something a bit more stimulating and productive…

As the cannabis industry has recently soared across global markets, it’s time you immersed yourself in a huge opportunity happening right under your nose. Whether that be by learning about the moving and transforming medical stories or the clear financial potential. It may be time to make room in your portfolio…

According to Prohibition Partners, cannabis data and intelligence experts, by 2024 the UK cannabis market alone will be worth US $1.3billion, whilst servicing nearly 340,000 active patients. [1]
A huge early-bird opportunity that proves it’s worth getting a piece of the pie.

What can you expect from an investment in the industry:
A solid speculative investment demonstrates a 30% or more return on investment (ROI)[2]

And that’s just a beginner’s benchmark; some investments in the sector in the UK have seen some investors enjoy ROIs of 100% or more over periods of between 6-18 months.

So, where to start?

We recently spoke with cannabis lawyer and industry expert Robert Jappie [3] – he advised investors to always look into the company’s license to produce cannabis, and if it seems realistic to fulfill its financial projections. If the company has a license for more than 3-5 years then that’s usually a good sign.

Higher the risk, higher the returns

Many cannabis opportunities are often labelled ‘high risk’ due to the market infancy and the stigma attached to legal cannabis usage. Work out your appetite for risk whilst planning your goals, this will help to figure out how much you initially want to invest.

Making a difference
So many companies in the industry are focused on financial returns where it’s just as important to find a unique business culture that is proud to be making an ethical social impact…whilst fiscally performing. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the exciting future of the cannabis industry; envisage a better life for you and your family whilst making a difference to millions of patients worldwide in need of the treatment.
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